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About Gorchakov Group

 Gorchakov Group (GG) is the largest corporate actor on the Russian greeting card wholesale market, a holding company producing greeting products (that is, greeting cards sensu stricto, invitations, envelopes, etc.), party and holiday goods, various other celebration products, school products, children’s developing products, wedding accessories, souvenirs, and other social expression and educational merchandise. GG has been on the market for more than 19 years and during all these years our corporate community has been on the front line of efforts to produce and sell top-quality products in both this country and throughout much of the fUSSR.

The GG products are well known and popular on the market under the several brand names such as Mir Posdravleniy (World of Greetings), Imperiya Pozdravleniy (Empire of Greetings), Otkrytaya Planeta (Open Planet), and Chorosho (Doing Well). All these brands are individual legal entities (we call them “creative marketing companies”, CMC), which specialize in dealing with different segments of the greeting card market, address varied consumer needs, elaborate their own unique styles, and, apart from greeting cards, develop their own unique sets of social expression products.

Gorchakov Group is shaping its product lines and price policy while keeping in mind the possibilities and interests of different social strata and age groups, varied regional, urban and ethnic segments of Russia’s diverse population. This helps keep our products in high demand in all regions of Russia and throughout much of CIS. The successful development of all the legal entities within the Group allowed our holding company to become an absolute leader on the national wholesale greeting card market. Today every third greeting card, produced and sold in Russia and CIS, is created by the CMCs of our Group.


Our achievements

The regional wholesale-retail network of Gorchakov Group has recently increased due to the inclusion of the subsidiary branches in Kazan and Nizhniy Novgorod.


Gorchakov Group introduced for sale the first issue of the official licensed collection Sochi-2014 which includes XXII Olympic Games mascots, symbols, and images.


News from Gorchakov Group»

26.11.2015 Empire of Greetings: Novelties
Our greeting card collection is now
replenished with the lovely new
designs decorated with blue sequins

25.11.2015 World of Greetings: Novelties
We are glad to offer some distinctive
novelties of the gentleman’s
greeting card collection

24.11.2015 Empire of Greetings: Novelties
New splendid greeting cards of medium
and giant size are here for you

23.11.2015 World of Greetings: Novelties
Exclusive hard-cover portfolio folders

23.11.2015 World of Greetings: Novelties
Colorful replenishment of a popular
collection: folk patterns

23.11.2015 Empire of Greetings: Novelties
Colorful garlands to congratulate
the most dearly-loved ones

20.11.2015 World of Greetings: Novelties
A new author’s collection:
“Little palm-sized baby”