The history of Gorchakov Group can be traced back to 1995, when the first company of the Group, World of Greetings (a “single standing company” at the time), was founded. Today GG is a community of five legal entities controlled (completely or in part) by a single owner Igor I. Gorchakov. The main competences of the Group include the production and realization (mostly by wholesale; retail is an extremely limited practice) of the greeting products (such as greeting cards, invitations, wedding cards, and related accessories such as envelopes, etc.), festive products (such as party, holiday, and various other celebration goods and sets), wedding paraphernalia, school and children’s products, as well as other emotional/social expression and educational merchandise. The vast majority of these products are manufactured with the use of the polygraphic technologies. Overall, the bulk of the money flow is still generated by the sales of the greeting products (with the “good old” greeting cards at the core) which remain the staple merchandise of the Group but the strong efforts are made to diversify the assortment. GG also designs, produces, and sells posters, stickers, garlands, ribbons, plastic artworks and various other decorations, celebration sets, developmental products for children, souvenirs and memorabilia, various “fun items”, including magnets, medals, orders, badges, as well as various travel and household items such as cups, spoons, forks, cardboard dishes, holders, address folders, “antidepression” items, etc. Although utilitarian in nature, such items bear elements of social or/and emotional expression (funny wishes, humorous appeals) which make them unique and more attractive to the customers compared to their ordinary utilitarian counterparts. This is a GG way – the way of adding value to the seemingly ordinary products by means of embedding (in them) elements of warm emotional energy (humor and kind jokes, goodluck wishes, encouragement). This kind of creative attitude is actively applied by all the companies of Gorchakov Group and especially so by Merchandise Mark “Doing Well” which is a specialized producer of emotional expression items other than greeting cards.


As a new way of business organization, Gorchakov Group sensu lato (GGSL or just GG) emerged in 2010. It was established according to the principles of the vertical-horizontal holding company under the united strategic management and administration. Within our holding, we have 1 management company, Gorchakov Group sensu stricto (GGSS), 1 printing-house, and 4 design-producing companies of which 3 are independent legal entities producing greeting cards and 1 is a “merchandise mark entity” (Doing Well) which can be currently considered as an “embryonic” design company. At present, MMDW is just an autonomous unit embedded in GGSS, which is yet to be established as an independent legal entity in 2016 or 2017. In our holding company, we have a well-structured division of labor: the mission of the individual greeting card companies and one merchandise mark entity is to design and develop individual products such as greeting cards, holiday and party goods, school and children’s products, souvenirs, and other social/emotional expression merchandise, according to their specialization and independent industrial plans. The departments of Gorchakov Group sensu stricto provide centralized functional support which has to do with the management of the actual manufacturing process, marketing, and sales of the designed products, as well as with the financial management and planning, IT services, and logistics (management of the joint storehouse and transport resources). Gorchakov Group also manages its own printing-house.


At present, the structure of Gorchakov Group includes 6 major business units (and 5 legal entities) such as:


-         Closed Joint-Stock Company (CJSC) Gorchakov Group proper (started in 2010) is the central company of the Group established with the purpose of implementing the following key competences: (1) strategic management of the Group, (2) internal outsourcing (sales, logistics, IT, financial services), (3) management of the business projects, (4) development and manufacturing of innovative greeting/festive/wedding/inspirational and humorous style products, party and holiday goods, souvenirs, as well as household merchandise with added value of social or emotional nature.


-         Merchandise Mark (MM) Chorosho (Doing Well) is de jure a(n) (autonomous) subdivision of GG proper responsible for [#4] activities from the abovementioned list. However, MMDW acts de facto in the same way as the other CMCs of the Group do: in many respects, it’s just another design-producing (that is, “creative”) company of Gorchakov Group with its own budget and production program. Yet it will probably take MMDW few more years to achieve a full financial and administrative independence from Gorchakov Group Management Company.


-         CJSC World of Greetings (established in 1995) is the company manufacturing a broad and universal assortment of the greeting products, first of all “conventional” greeting cards with significant addition of party and celebration goods, wedding accessories, school/children’s merchandise, and a variety of other social and emotional expression products; polygraphic products dominate in the overall company’s product matrix but some lines of non-polygraphic nature, for instance, souvenirs, are also occasionally produced. WG is the oldest and largest CMC of the Group; the “World” maintains the largest assortment of greeting cards (within GG) which provides the economic basis for the Group’s well-being and enables other companies of our community to experiment with new ideas, designs, products, and markets.


-         Limited Liability Company (LLC) Empire of Greetings (established in 2007) is a company specializing in the manufacture of the international licensed greeting products (for instance, those that bear images created by the Walt Disney Company) which are sold via federal and regional retail networks. Very important and growing part of the EG assortment is made up by non-greeting card products such as party and celebrations goods, masks, decorative posters and stickers, and plastic artworks designed to be attached to the walls, glass, and other surfaces.


-         LLC Open Planet (established in 2003) is a company specializing in the manufacture of the greeting, children’s and school products, using popular international licensed brands. On the greeting flank, the OP specialty products are wedding cards and expensive top-quality greeting cards with elaborate designs.


-         LLC NPP (established in 2010) is a printing-house equipped with the modern polygraphic machinery and organized mostly for executing industrial orders placed specifically by Gorchakov Group.


The joint staff of Gorchakov Group totals about 400 employees, including more than 70 designers who annually develop more than 14000 new designs of greeting cards and other products.


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