The Mission


Gorchakov Group views its mission in the innovative development of the greeting and social/emotional expression product market through the application of the perspective industrial and marketing technologies. Our purpose is to contribute to the maximum satisfaction of our customers.


In various aspects of our activity, we are guided by the following values and principles:



 The key factor of Gorchakov Group’s long-term success is keeping our customers satisfied.

We are open for cooperation with dealers from all regions of Russia, CIS and any other countries/regions where our products might be of interest to the final customers. To control and improve our client servicing, we constantly evaluate and scrutinize such key qualities of our modus operandi as flexibility, swiftness, and responsibility. Our relationships with our clients are built on the basis of the mutual trust, respect, and principles of long-term cooperation.



 In creation, development and marketing of our products, we rely upon the cooperation with our partners represented both by various legal entities and private individuals. Recognizing our partners as the crucially important links of the customer value chain, we approach the task of developing our partner relationships on the basis of professionalism, trust, respect, and principles of long-term cooperation, while keeping in mind the need to continuously improve those products that we sell on the market.



 The main internal resource which makes it possible for us to carry out our mission is our staff. We adhere to the basic principle of equal opportunities for everyone. Thus we do our best to give every one of our fellow staff members equal chances for both building her or his professional career and getting moral satisfaction from doing a high-quality job. In Gorchakov Group, we particularly value in our staff members such behaviors and skills as competence, responsibility, judgment, honesty, team spirit, dedication to work, and focus on achieving excellence. Our people are smart professionals who are able to think strategically, make wise decisions despite ambiguity, focus on great results rather than process, demonstrate consistently strong performance, identify root causes of problems instead of treating symptoms, set right priorities, learn rapidly and eagerly, challenge prevailing assumptions and create new ideas relevant to the ever-changing market situation. These people are our main value. Openness, justice, trust and respect lie in the foundation of the relationships between the staff team and the leadership of Gorchakov Group.



 Being part of the society, we understand its current and long-term interests and organize our own activity in a way that allows us to contribute to the economic and social prosperity of this country and the rest of the world. Gochakov Group maintains neutrality to all political parties and movements. Our activity is based on the principles of honesty and socially responsible business.