CJSC Gorchakov Group


CJSC (Closed Joint-Stock Company) Gorchakov Group proper (started in 2010), otherwise known as the Gorchakov Group Management Company (GGMC) is the central company of the Group established with the purpose of implementing the following key competences: (1) strategic management of the Group, (2) internal outsourcing (sales, logistics, IT, financial services), (3) management of the business projects, (4) development and manufacturing (via its autonomous design-producing unit Merchandise Mark “Doing Well”, MMDW) of both traditional and innovative greeting, festive (party, holiday, wedding, etc.), inspirational, and humorous-style products, various souvenirs and memorabilia, “fun items” (fake medals, orders, badges, etc.), as well as household merchandise with added value of social or emotional nature (humorous and inspirational remarks, jokes, funny wishes, etc.). MMDW is a specialized producer of emotional and social expression products (ESEP) other than greeting cards.


Website of the company: www.gk-gorchakov.ru