LLC Empire of Greetings


LLC (Limited Liability Company) Empire of Greetings (EG) was established in 2007. It is one of the Group’s most dynamically developing design-producing companies. EG was able to find – over the years of market research and practical experience – the right market niche and positioning through diversification of its product matrix but at the same time without going outside the scope of the greeting card industry. The company produces and sells greeting cards, party goods and various other celebration and decorating products and sets, including garlands, ribbons, masks, decorative posters and similar artworks, designed for the beautification of the walls, glass surfaces, and tables. Other important thematic segments are “School”, “Kindergarten”, developmental products for children and game sets. The main materials are paper, cardboard, and plastic.


EG cooperates closely with the international partners, especially so with the Walt Disney Company, and specializes in the manufacture of the international licensed greeting and party/celebration products. It won the Grand-Prix of Disney’2008 Contest among the licensees in the category “The most creative design of the product”. Colorful greeting cards, which depict merry and touching cartoon characters, are especially popular among the children and young teenagers.


Empire of Greetings is actively developing its product matrix and design assortment while keeping in touch with the modern trends on the market: it produces Euroformat cards, greeting cards characterized by complex structural design, humorous cards, mini-series, game sets for celebrations, parties, itc.