CJSC World of Greetings


CJSC World of Greetings (WG) (established in 1995) is the oldest design-producing company of the Group manufacturing the universal assortment of the greeting and other ESE products based on the application of various polygraphic and non-polygraphic methods and materials. In Gorchakov Group, we coined such legal entities of ours “creative marketing companies” (CMC). WG had been started as an almost “pure” greeting card company but gradually diversified its production in the course of time; “conventional” greeting cards (including invitations and wedding cards) of a great variety of formats, sizes, styles, and patterns still constitute the core of its assortment (~65%) but WG also produces a broad variety of other products that fall into the same sales funnel: envelopes, school products, developmental products for children (including their online versions), diplomas of various kinds, party and holiday goods, wedding accessories, souvenirs, and other ESEP.


For many years, the World has occupied one of the leading positions in the wholesale segment of the greeting card market due to the high quality of its production, use of advanced technologies, wise sales policy, and – the last but not the least – because of the fact that WG was one of the first companies that started to develop the post-Soviet greeting card market from the nearly “ground zero” level when the demand far exceeded the supply. As a result, the company enjoyed several precious years of fast and nearly unlimited growth, which it used with maximum efficiency. Today the greeting card “frontier” in Russia is closed, the market is filled with ESEP and crowded, with many companies competing for the small segments. Nevertheless, WG continues to be the leader on the wholesale market and, along with the rest of Gorchakov Group, is making plans for the future expansion. The company sells its products both in Russia and throughout CIS.


World of Greetings cooperates with many well-known Russian and international photographers and artists.


Website of the company: www.mirpoz.ru