LLC Open Planet


LLC Open Planet (established on August 13, 2003) is the Group’s smallest (and fastest-growing) CMC that specializes in the manufacturing of greeting cards (with the wedding cards being its “signature” type of product), children’s and school products, and accompanying merchandise. Since the very moment of its establishment and during all the subsequent years, the restructured Open Planet has proceeded from the assumption that in a conceptual pair “quantity-quality” the latter is the major factor that determines the overall success. The paramount emphasis on quality factors in the creative and manufacturing process is a critically important element of the company’s positioning. This implies the necessity to check, adjust, and true up every single design, with the purpose of conforming it to the ever-changing public preferences, tastes, and values. OP focuses on the production of the top-quality greeting and wedding cards which never fail to catch the consumers’ attention due to the complexity and splendor of their designs. They are decidedly different from the more “conventional” greeting card designs produced by other companies both within and outside the Group.


Another quickly growing segment of the OP product matrix is represented by the light-reflecting products. This specific market is only in the very beginning of its development in Russia and Open Planet as one of the emerging producers of the light-reflecting merchandise has all chances to succeed on this “front” as well.


Planet is a young developing company whose major virtues are creativity and flexibility, the ability to pursue an active search for the new products and design decisions, generate fresh ideas, and maintain beautiful style. OP offers a broad variety of products for all tastes, diversity of formats and decoration features. It is a licensee of the popular international brands.